What to Do if You Are Wrongfully Terminated from Your Job

Culik Law Employee Rights

What to Do if You Are Wrongfully Terminated from Your Job

Culik Law Employee RightsIf you were fired from a job and you worked in Massachusetts, there are many reasons that your employer is not allowed to fire you. If you were fired for an illegal reason, you may have a legal claim.

Although employment in most cases in Massachusetts is “at will,” meaning that either party can terminate the employment for any reason, there are many exceptions to this. A violation results in a wrongful termination. Some of the exceptions include:

  • Age discrimination
  • Nationality or national origin
  • Race or color
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Serving on a jury
  • Doing anything that the law requires
  • Refusing to do something illegal that your employer wants you to do
  • Taking time to participate in school activities, and medical and dental appointments for certain family members
  • Having a disability
  • Or many other reasons, including any reason that violates an established public policy.

Additionally, your employer must provide you with all the wages that are due, including any accrued vacation or sick time. The employer must pay you in full on the day you are fired, even if that means paying you on a different day than you are usually paid.

If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated, our office may be able to help. We can evaluate your case at no cost to see if there may be legal claims against the employer.

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