On Your Side

Helping people, just like yourself, is what we do. Attorney Joe Culik set out in 2008 to help consumers Champion Their Rights against impossible odds. Culik Law has continued that fight for consumers, employees, and small businesses, and have expanded to included Massachusetts and North Carolina. We are always on your side.


We stand up to debt collectors, mortgage servicers, banks, companies, vendors, employers, and any other entity who is treating you unfairly, disregarding your rights, or are being negligent in their actions and dealings. We help small businesses safeguard themselves from set-up through contract negotiations, disputes, and dealing with financial issues such as debt and credit reporting that impact the business and owners personally.


Culik Law is a Massachusetts Law Firm who protects the things most important to you. We’re here to listen and help. Find out more about our attorneys: Attorney Joe Culik and Attorney Kristin Thurbide.


Committed to Making a Difference

We’re on your side and use the law to back you up. We strive to make a difference and bring value to your life or business. We approach every situation with care, empathy and thought to achieve the best possible result for you.

Accessible and Responsive

We practice responsive client care and fresh thinking which focuses on keeping our clients needs and goals at the forefront of everything we do. Understanding is essential, so we communicate clearly, timely, and often.

Open and Honest

You’re our partner in this, and we value the trust you put in us. We encourage questions and make sure you’re in the loop on every aspect of your case including communication, agreements, project progress, and pricing.

Let’s Talk

Send us your info and we’ll get back to you. We help clients who live or have a legal matter in Massachusetts and North Carolina.


Our Story

Culik Law was created with a vision to create a firm that would be people friendly by protecting their rights and giving them superior client care. As experienced Massachusetts attorneys and leaders in our community, we believe in working hard and giving back. Culik Law combines our passions for the law and doing good in this world to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.


We have been honored at Culik Law to have been a part of hundreds of success stories throughout Massachusetts and continually appreciate the trust placed in us to help solve various legal matters that come up in the daily lives of people living around us.


Culik Law believes in fighting for the underdog, and have proven that the little guy can win, by dedicating this practice and our expertise to helping consumers and individuals uphold their rights against impossible odds.