Under New Law to Ensure Equal Pay, Massachusetts Employers May Not Ask for Employees’ Salary History

Equal Pay MassachusettsEmployers may not ask employees their salary history during job interviews under a new law passed by the Massachusetts legislature. The purpose of the law is to ensure equal pay.

Massachusetts is the first state to bar employers from asking job applicants about what they earned at their prior jobs.

There is a history of women being paid less than men. Keying women’s pay at a new job to their old pay would perpetuate this disparity.

To prevent pay inequity, the law also requires equal pay for workers whose jobs are alike, or whose work is of “comparable character” or who work in “comparable operations.”

The bill had bi-partisan support and was signed by Governor Charlie Baker. It does not go into effect until July of 2018.

Even before the law goes into effect, however, it is still illegal to discriminate against workers because of their gender. This may include obvious forms of discrimination, but can also be indicated by pay inequities.

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