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Loan Modification Attorney


As a Massachusetts consumer protection firm, we have perfected our method for negotiating and litigating loan modifications for Massachusetts consumers.


While many attorneys and loan mod agencies simply process loan modification applications, we use a unique legal defense strategy, and if necessary we will sue banks if they have violated the homeowner’s rights or have participated in predatory lending practices.


A loan modification changes the terms of your loan, allows it to be reinstated if you have fallen behind, gets you a payment you can afford, lowers your interest rate, and in some cases reduces your overall principal.


We’ve helped hundreds of Massachusetts consumers obtain a loan modification and stay in their homes. We take the trust these individuals put in us seriously and work diligently to go up against the banks and produce the best, most affordable, result for our clients.


Contact us for a free consultation to find out:


  • Is a modification right for your situation


  • What you would qualify for and how much your payment would be reduced


  • How to use a modification to stop a foreclosure


  • If you have leverage to reduce your principal and sue for a modification


  • What your rights are when the bank has denied your modification


  • What to do if you are in a trial modification and are stuck there