More Ways To Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report

Culik Law Credit Reporting

More Ways To Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report

Culik Law Credit ReportingUntil recently, if a consumer had a dispute about an inaccurate credit report, he or she could submit a dispute online, but could not provide any supporting information. Because no documentation could be provided, this made it unlikely that the dispute would be resolved.

But the major credit reporting agencies have now added an option on their websites to allow consumers to upload supporting documents. Thus, credit-report disputes to these agencies, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, can now be documented much better.

For example, if you have been a victim of identity theft, you could now upload a police report. Before, there was no way to provide evidence that what you were claiming was true.

Credit reports play a major role in most major consumer financial decisions, such as mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and student loans.

We still recommend that consumers send credit report disputes by certified mail so that it is easier to keep a record for themselves, as electronic disputes can be more difficult to document. The additional option of uploading documents, however, is a welcome addition to the often difficult process of disputing incorrect accounts on credit reports.

To order all three of your credit reports for free, you can call Annual Credit Report at 877-322-8228, and the reports should be mailed to you to review within about two weeks. We do not recommend that you use other services to obtain your credit reports.

If you find inaccurate information, you may be entitled to bring a legal claim under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which could entitle you to statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus actual damages, including emotional distress, and attorney fees. Culik Law provides no-cost case evaluation for incorrect credit reporting.

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