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Mortgage Litigation Attorneys


We provide consumer protection for mortgage related matters. There are many types of mortgage issues you face as a homeowner, and the best possible solution is not always one size fits all. We begin with looking at your particular concerns carefully, then we look for the best solutions and legal leverage to address the issues you are facing and achieve the goals important to you. To start the process, we offer a free case evaluation so we can get to know you, find out more about your mortgage matter, and suggest the best next steps to address them.


How We Can Help


  • Postponing Foreclosure Auctions
  • Loan Modification Defense
  • Restraining Orders and Injunctions Against Banks
  • Challenging Bank Foreclosures and Rescinding Unlawful Foreclosures
  • Predatory Lending Violation Defense
  • Violations of the Truth in Lending Act, Massachusetts Consumer Credit Cost Disclosure Act, Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, and Chapter 93A
  • Principal Reductions
  • Balance Settlement and Negotiations


Foreclosure Defense


Every foreclosure situation is different and deeply affects the lives of the individuals involved. We listen to your story and provide you with the legal backing to achieve the best possible end result. We’re known for fighting against banks and winning.[br][br]Our strategy is to look at each case individually and find leverage we can use to help you avoid foreclosure even at the last hour. From the early stages of foreclosure, to the last-minute restraining order, to having unlawful foreclosures rescinded, we put our experience to work for people like you.


Loan Modification

A loan modification changes the terms of your loan, allows it to be reinstated if you have fallen behind, gets you a payment you can afford, lowers your interest rate, and in some cases reduces your overall principal.


Rather than just process loan modification applications, which you can do on your own, we have developed a unique legal defense strategy, and will sue banks if necessary when they are violating homeowner’s rights, not adhering to guidelines, or have participated in predatory lending practices.


Mortgage Violations

The days of being able to trust that your mortgage or the servicing of your mortgage can be trusted have come to an end. Banks and servicers repeatedly violate laws and mishandle mortgages.


During the life of a mortgage many problems can surface whether it’s from a faulty mortgage closing, errors in your mortgage documents or when they were recorded, or problems that arise during the servicing of your mortgage. Whether you are facing foreclosure or not, these issues should be addressed to prevent you from losing money, claims, or certain rights.